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  • su-su
    By Susan Daily
    May 2015
    bought 3 hats at the Mermaid Cache in Englewood, FL  LOVE them! I ve been looking for simple men s fishing hat s for several yr,s. But I live in MN.  Was on vacation in Englewood, And found these hats. I wear one almost every day. They hold down my hair in the wind. They keep the rain off my glasses. The protect my eyes. They are so cute!
    Pros: cute-comfey-cotton- colors-fun
    Cons: are you kidding?!

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  • President Red Hat Construction Inc.
    By R. K. Alexander Jr.
    Feb 2011
    We have owned two of these machines, one for about
    10 years and one for more than 10 years. They are
    both used daily. Recently one of them seems to be
    having a on and off problem with the feeding of the
    tape - can't see why, but my office has been trying
    a lot of odd ball ribbons (seems there is a vast cost difference between suppliers). To date the other has had nothing but cleaning. I tried to see
    about buying another new one not long back and was
    left under the impression that they were not made
    any more. I think that that would be a shame because I would definitely would buy another one
    of these based on our experience. We have many
    programs that use tractor feed paper and the reports they generate are a real pain to read coming out of single sheet machines, as would be
    our check writing program. One other quick note:
    I do the company programing here and have found 
    this machine very cooperative for developing my
    own report formats - especially useful is the
    ability to change type sizes.
    Pros: very good for generating multipage or multicolumb reports
    Cons: It is a little awkward to install and change the paper.
  • By jose miguel padilla ruiz
    Jun 2011
    yo this snap back is fresh i would like to have it because it is fresh and i think i could rock it 
    Pros: ---
    Cons: ---
  • Martin Hernandez
    By Martin Hernandez
    Feb 2012
    We bought our son a used six piece set that my wife s nephew had for sale back in 1976. The date printed inside  the two 13  tom say 1965 and 1967. Same for the two 16 floor toms. The bass drum is a 22  x 14 . They re covered in blue sparkle finish that still looks good except for a few  minor scratches. It came with two cymbal stands (since retired but still usable) and a  spur-lock  hi-hat stand I m still using today. The bass drum footpedal broke and my wife inocently THREW it away before I had a chance to fix it. My son used them to propel a few bands around Southern Arizona. Then he decided he needed a larger kit and I inherited the ludwigs from him. I used them for our church services for around ten years until I brought them home. My son used to record some drum tracks down in Tucson-the engineer was so impressed with their sound. Now they re set up in my  drum room  and I enjoy playing them daily. Every now and then my son will borrow them when he needs them for a classic rock or blues gig. To say we ve gotten our money s worth is to say the least. I still get asked if I still have them to which I reply, I ll never let them go
    Pros: the sound and long lasting
    Cons: scratches on covering
  • FrankG
    By Frank Gonzalez
    Jun 2012
    I ve had my Bennington Quiet Organizer for 16 years now. I carry my bag in my car everywhere I go. Through heat and cold for 16 yrs my bag is still hanging tough. Only recently did the snaps on the cover tear through. I m a big Callaway fan. I play their clubs and balls; wear the shoes and the hat; I even carry the umbrella but my bag will always be Bennington.
    Pros: Durrable, Stylish
    Cons: none

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